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Great Pets Radio

Radio continues to show strong listener-ship numbers, providing good opportunities for education, branding and promotion.

Brian Kilcommons on “The Laura Ingraham Show” as heard on hundreds of stations nationwide since 2001. Laura is a regular Fox News contributor and the principal substitute host on The O’Reilly Factor.

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  • November 2014

Great Pets Radio, co-hosted by Brian Kilcommons and Dr. Jim McKiernan, addresses common challenges pet owners face, as well as medical information that educates without diagnosis. The call-in format allows the hosts to engage in interesting and lively discussions with real pet owners and the real challenges they face.


  • Keeping Order with Six Dogs in Family
  • Acclimating Dog to Baby
  • Black Lab has Joint Problem
  • Black Lab with Swimmers Tail
  • Brian Kilcommons Calls His Show
  • Burmese Mountain Dog – When to Add Another Dog?
  • Cat Declawing and Caller from AAHA
  • Cat Hisses When Told No
  • Cat Nibbles at Girl’s Face
  • Cat Scratching Walls and Couch
  • Dog with Environmental Allergies
  • Dog with Environmental and Food Allergies- Suggested Testing
  • Dog’s Nails are too Long
  • Dog Territorial About the House
  • Dog Turns Against a Lab
  • Dog Adoption Problems
  • Deter Pets from Biting an Extension Cord
  • Feline Hyperathesia
  • German Shepherd Protects Food
  • Golden Retriever Bites Tail
  • How to Find a Reputable Trainer
  • Pet Safe Ice Melt
  • Jumping Pitbull and Puggle – Importance of Training
  • Lhasa Apso Bites when Playing
  • Maintaining Newfoundland’s Weight
  • Lisa Dennison – Executive Director of New Hampshire SPCA
  • Senior Lab with Hearing Problem
  • Older Cat with Weight Loss
  • Outdoor Obedience
  • Pitbull Jumps on Visitors
  • Possible Dog Food Donation Website
  • Senior Pug’s Diet
  • Puggle and Importance of Training for Any Dog
  • Returning Coon Cat Due to Aggression
  • Rottweiler and Water Bowl
  • Separation Anxiety or Too Much Freedom?
  • Shih Tzu Has Cancer
  • Small Dog Attacks Greyhound
  • Springer Spaniel is too Passive
  • Can a Stray Cat Become an Indoor Cat?
  • Successfully Using Electric Fences